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Damian Lillard Screenshot And Portland Trail Blazers Uniforms Revealed

In case you havent caught on to the pattern yet, every time the NBA and Nike reveal a new teams uniform for the upcoming season, 2K releases an NBA 2K18 screenshot with a star player from that team. This time, its the Portland Trail Blazers and star point guard Damian Lillard.

We can clearly see the leaner player models again with Lillard, as has been the case with the previous renders that have been released earlier in the week. Lillards screenshot is perhaps one of the best and most authentic that weve seen thus far.

The body type is on point and the updated facial hair is another plus. Lillards face is also sleeker than it was in last years game and the eye region looks more lifelike. Im really anxious to see what these models look like in motion. Thats always the truest test of visual realism.

Ill be at 2K headquarters next week to get hands-on experience with the game, and Ill be sure to take a look at Lillard and others in the game during my time.