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Diablo 3 secret 100 years a fat spider block door Chennai non-defeat

Diablo 3 in the vast secret represents the limits and challenges, but in which you can encounter all sorts of strange things, such as the encounter back to the city stone, BOSS no blood and so on, but today we want to introduce this event is Is a hundred years of hardships, and the witnesses of the incident also cried to us, in his 9,000 + hours of dark career, never encountered such a situation.
In the process of this four-man squad marching into the 128th floor, a fat spider was found standing in front of them below:
Diablo 3 secret 100 years a fat spider block door Chennai non-defeat

At first, the team members did not mind, the average peak of up to 4,000 + players eyes, 128-layer spider is simply to send food, but soon they found something wrong:


So they started to think of ways to pull this spider out:

Since it can not be pulled out then kill it:


However, as the teams main output Master simply can not hit it, then the situation turned a corner:
Mage also successfully escaped shortly after, and the barbarians in the ranks are not so lucky, after many unsuccessful attempts, eventually chose to give up the vote.

Of course, in the big secret will encounter many such things, such as the player before we have talked about four consecutive big secret are the fans of hell crack events. If you also encountered in the game what fun, welcome to share with us.