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FIFA 16 Tips: Master FIFA Trainer with Three Early Friendlies

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Dont wade in like Paul Scholes, kicking indiscriminately. Before you get stuck into FIFA 16s meatier game modes, youre going to want to master some of its brand new passing and defending techniques, and the best way to do this is to play a few Friendlies with the new FIFA Trainer feature switched on - think of them as pre-season warm-ups.

With FIFA Trainer, button commands and prompts appear above the player youre controlling, but its a bit off-putting, so theres no point using it in games that actually matter. Your best bet is to click it on and set it to level one for the first half of a Friendly, followed by level two for the second half. Play two more full games and keep cranking up FIFA Trainer half-by-half and by the end you should have seen everything it has to offer.

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