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POOR FRANCK FIFA 18: Gamers just noticed something absolutely heartbreaking about Franck Ribery

This is actually upsetting

It's hard to stay at the top - especially when it comes to football.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are still potent forces in their 30s, but for many players it's the start of the decline.

Case in point, Franck Ribery in FIFA, anyway.

The poor Bayern star was amongst the highest rated players in FIFA 13 - boasting an incredible 90 rating.

Understandably, the Frenchman is beaming on his FIFA card photo - and with 93 pace, who can blame him.

The same thing happens the next year - a 90 rating, and another smile.

Then the decline starts kicking in and watch what happens.

As his ratings begin to fall, so does the expression on his face.

By FIFA 16 the smile is almost completely gone - and by this year's game, he looks like he's going to punch the photographer in the head.

Gamers are understandably concerned.

One wrote on the FIFA reddit:"He'll be crying his eyes out when he's a silver with 54 pace on FIFA 2021."

Cheer up, Franck at least you've still got an 86 rating.

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